What do I use in my hunts?

How do I use it?

Where can you find it?

In the different categories you will find information and reviews about the gear and equipment that I trust and rely on my hunts. There are a lot of products in the market, and many of them are outstanding, but I will just share my opinion on the products I have tested and that have work for me in the past, trying to explain why I decided to use them on the different scenarios.

I may be wrong, there may be better products out there, but this definitely have proved to work great for me, and I have confidence to shout out loud and recommend this companies products to anyone. Do not hesitate to share your comments and thoughts to keep searching for the best equipment out there!.

CLOTHING: from head to toe, what to wear.

ARCHERY: from bow to arrows and all that in between.

EQUIPMENT: from guns and optics to back packs, knives, and any other kind of gadgets.

OTHERS: other recommended products or services hard to put on any category.

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