I am currently using a Suaer 404 XTC rifle in a 27oW caliber. It has all the you look on a rifle, reliable, adjustable and on a light platform to handle any hunting scenario.  I have it equipped with a Swarovski Z8i 1,7-13,3×42 scope. Small and light for a mountain rifle with enough magnification. The quality of the optic is so good that I don’t miss having a 42 exit since the scope is bright enough. It has a super easy ballistic tower to be able to adjust for different distances. I have the zero at 190, and with the Swarovski mobile application I can calculate the adjustment on the tower for 200, 250, 300 and 350, and adjust the marks accordingly.

For small game I have been using all my life a semiautomatic Beretta shotgun. They are light, tough and very versatile. I use it with a slug barrel for stalking big game, and also for shooting all kind of small game by changing chokes. After thousand of shots without any failure over 15 years, it really is part of myself, and I has really learn to shoot with it.

As far as accessories, I am using “Stable Sticks” from Outdoorstocks for shooting, which give you a great stability with two points of rest for the weapon. I do also use a bipod from Spartan. Regarding ammunition I am currently using the Hornady Superformance Tip 140 gr bullets out of the 270W. I do also use the 3M Peltor Sportac for protecting my hearing.

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