I am using various rifles depending on the game and type of hunt. What I mostly look these days is for a reliable rifle that is simple but as accurate as they can be. Simplicity has proven to work specially on extended tough hunts where a simple failure of a little piece can ruin the whole experience. 

Currently I am using Bergara Rifles, a rifle manufacturer from Spain well known for the accuracy of their barrels. I have been using several models and calibers, like the Crest, Wilderness or the Premiere Mountain Rifle. Regarding calibers my favorite would be the 270W, but we do use the 308W, 6,5 Creedmore, 7mm or even bigger for dangerous game 375 H&H.

In terms of Optics we are using mainly the Leupold Optics VX6-HD line. Their optic quality combines with very precise correction turrets all in a really solid and reliable product makes it a perfect solutions for the type of hunts we do. My favorite one will be the 3-18x power model, it is light enough and has enough magnification to shoot at the distance we hunt plus also at short distances. Regarding the exit diameter, for mountain hunting where light is typically good I’ll go for 40, and increase this to 50 or 52 for deer hunts where you typically shoot at first or last light. The bigger the exit diameter of a scope the more light it will capture, but they will get a bit heavier and bulkier.

All these scopes are equipped with ballistic turrets to adjust the bullet drop in the field. Ballistic apps like the Strelok makes it really easy to pull the date you need to make precise adjustments to compensate for the drop. It is really important to get a good range and angle compensation, for this reason on rifle hunts I use the Leupold RX-2800.

We do use a variety of scopes but all are mounted with Leupold rings. Fixed rings that go directly to the rifle would be my preferred option although we do use some attached on weber rails for easier change from one scope to another.

Regarding ammunition I am currently using Hornady with a wide range of products. Probably the one I use the most would be the Precision Hunter, but I do use the Superformance line and others. Great ammunition that I am getting awesome results with it.

For small game I have been using all my life a semiautomatic Beretta shotgun. They are light, tough and very versatile. I use it with a slug barrel for stalking big game, and also for shooting all kind of small game by changing chokes. After thousand of shots without any failure over 15 years, it really is part of myself, and I has really learn to shoot with it.

As far as accessories, I am using “Stable Sticks” from Outdoorstocks for shooting, which give you a great stability with two points of rest for the weapon. I do also use a bipod from Spartan.

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