One of the most important pieces of equipment are the optics. A pair of good binos would last you a decade and are countless the hours spend behind them. I am currently using Leupold BX5-HD Santiam in 10x50mm. I use 10X mainly for judging roe deer, probably I would use 8x if I would do a kind of hunting which I do not need to judge such small antlers as the field of view is way larger, or 12 if it is I really open country and a lot of glassing is required out of a tripod.

For judging game at long range I pack a Leupold SX 5-HD 27-55×80.  Really sharp view for judge anything anywhere. For some of the hunts that I want to go lighter, I would use the Gold Ring series 12-40×60, as it is lighter and more compact and gets the job done.

Finally regarding range finders I would use two models depending if I am bowhunting or hunting with the rifle. The Full Draw 5 for bowhunting is unbeatable, as it incorporates archery ballistics, maximum arrow flight and a few other things that are really useful for bowhunters. When rifle hunting I would use the RX-2800, that provides precise measurements and compensation at any distance.

I like small packs to move around light, but would like to have the capacity of packing an animal out with it. The solution for this was brought by KUIU again with the carbon frame packs. Their pack offer the lightest frame available made of carbon. This frame allow us to pack out very heavy loads (100 pounds) on a light set up. The packs weight including the frame the same as packs of similar size. I mainly use the the PRO LT 4000 for day hunts and up to the 6000 on pure backpack hunts.

Pedro Ampuero

3 thoughts

  1. why do not you combine your binoculars and rangefinder ?
    there are some super models from Leica ?

    I’m considering the trinovids due economy 🙂


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