Our first stop on our honeymoon was Namibia, one of those African countries that were in my mind since I was a kid, and that we were about to discover in a really authentic way, combining some great time doing activities with my wife, but also with some pure bowhunting.

I wanted to show my wife the real Africa, trying to avoid the overcrowed touristic game watching camps of other countries, looking for something more private. That took us to a small camp in Southern Namibia, Sandfontein. Located by the Orange river it was all what we were looking for, a large farm (around 100.000 hectars), really nice camp, and the best of all is that since it was the low time in the year, we were alone!

Hunting in Namibia can be quite challenging, specially in a desertic area like this, were the terrain was so open that attempting to stalk game with the bow was a pretty crazy idea. Densities were low, and despite all the country we could cover driving, walking and stalking, you could spend one or two hours without seeing a single animal. Then you could suddenly bump in to a huge group of antelopes, but those didn’t worth even an attempt, too many eyes.

This time of the year, June, the temperatures were really low in the mornings, and there was humidity on the grass and water pretty much everywhere. These makes animals very random, so it has hard to predict any movement, and pure spot and stalk was the only way to go. I appreciated that, because I hate waiting, and prefer to be active and try make things happen.

Bowhunting Namibia Pedro Ampuero

The terrain was captivating, the mountains impressive and the light during the sunsets surpassing. Adding animals like Oryx/Gemsbok, kudu or black rhino to this scenery made everything even more special. On the other hand of this beautiful country, hunting could be as tough as it gets. These animals sight can be unreal, and they could spot you from hundreds and hundreds of meters away. Cover was mostly inexistent, and every little attempt was falling apart way to far away from were I needed to reach for a bow shot.

Bowhunting Namibia Pedro Ampuero

In the middle of the hunt we spot a group get in to a dried river bottom. They were in the perfect spot, so I rushed to try to get as close as posible before they decide to leave that area. I sneaked barefooted as closed as posible while they were crossing a little ravine. I was then able to draw my bow, release an arrow, and see the gorgeous old cow run a couple of hundred meters before bedding down. I couldn’t believe that worked out!!

But our trip wasn’t based only in hunting, it was actually a honeymoon! We looked for a lodge that offered different activities apart from going out hunting. So we enjoyed very much going fishing in the Orange River, shooting our bows, hanging out in camp, going out to see the rhinos and other species such as giraffes, mountain zebras, springbocks, red hartebeast and so much more, or just enjoying a snack contemplating the sunset while sharing some hunting stories. We also enjoyed a Delicious cuisine based on local food, and also our own harvests, which is always something special and rewarding experience.

With just two days left we located the kudu bull we spot the first day of our hunt. It was in a group with another six females, and as the day started to wake up, we closed our distance to try to cut their way. It took us more than an hour to get close to the group, and we sat down behind some rock waiting for the bull to present a shot. After half and hour the closest cow felt something and started barking at us. She didn’t know what was wrong exactly, and the bull came over the ridge to check what was going on. As it appeared on the skyline, the cow started to slowly go away. It was now or never, so I drew my bow and released one of the sweetest arrows I have ever shot. Seeing the kudu bull going down on sight was something I will never forget. A kudu bull spot and stalk with bow and arrow on the Desert of Namibia, a huge dream come true!

We will remember this adventure as one of the most amazing ones we’ve ever been on, not only because our great hunting experiences, but because I got to share this unique experience with the most amazing person in the world. I couldn’t been more lucky!

Hope you enjoyed. Good luck all!

Pedro Ampuero

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