Being back in the pyrenees its always amazing, specially if I am accompanying my dad. It is late in the season, and the rut it at its peak. Chamois behavior this time of the year its crazy. I have never seen animals run so much in such a complicated terrain. I wish I could do something similar.

We started with a tough climb to get to the top. There was some snow already at the high peaks, but not much. Weather has been really nice in Spain this fall. After several hours, and checking that there was no game so high, we started hunting the game from above, and as soon as the snow was starting to disappear, the first group of chamois appeared.

In the rut, anything can happen. Bucks are in constant move, and it gets tricky to make a shot when they are chasing each other. Maybe you have a group spotted, and in a blink of an eye, the big buck disappears chasing another one. They can run kilometers like that! Hard to find sense, I think they just like running.

At the end of the day, we got close to a pretty big group. That was a chaos, bucks running each other, fighting, pushing nannies… Hard to keep track of the biggest one, but my dad could finally connect at less than 300 yards when the buck stopped on a high rock. The buck was gorgeous!

We arrive back to the car with a big smile, we were broken after 11 hour of non stop walking, but those trophies that make you sweet are the most rewarding by far. Congrats dad!

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