With beautiful sandy beaches, the Island of Mauritius has also very interesting hunting opportunities. We discovered the fascinating world of spot and stalking for rusa deer with the bow in the rainforest of Mauritius. A paradise that makes a perfect combination between hunting and holidays with the family. Le Chasseur Mauricien took care of everything, and we had a trip of a lifetime.

Lionel is a great bowhunter, so he couldn’t do a better job guiding us through the rain forest, pastures and all that broken terrain.

Our main objective was a mature Rusa Dear, but first Lionel wanted to do some management to keep the animal population in good shape.

First we spotted a blind doe and a young buck, which was little grown for the time of the year. So we decided to start stalking them. I could not imagine that how exiting this can get!

But, apart from hunting, Mauritius is a place with a huge variety of activities, so we were never bored. We stayed at an amazing hotel (Heritage – Le Telfair) and we had the chance to visit the island and its culture (Dreams Pleasure). Mauritius is also known by its deep sea fishing and we had the opportunity to see it up-close from a boat while trying for big fish with (Hooker Deep Sea Fishing).

Between activities we had the opportunity to get into bow range of a mature beautiful Rusa Deer Stag. After looking into a bunch of  heards we finally spotted a good buck that Lionel wanted me to shoot. The stalk was not and easy one, we had to sneak along a ravine until we were at 40/45 meter distance.

After shooting, the Rusa Deer went into the primary forest, so it was not until the next morning when we found it. It was magnificent, I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

If you’d like to know more about this exiting adventure in Mauritius Island watch this video:



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