Last year during the peak of the rut a friend of mine and well known bowhunter from the USA, Bob Frome, told me that he was coming to hunt ibex in Spain. He was heading to the northern part of the Gredos National Reserve, probably the best area in the whole Spain to shoot old and big billies. With any doubts I jumped in, you don’t get to see monster ibex arrowed every day!

The management done in the reserve is amazing, and the population of ibex is as healthy as it gets. They do an amazing job by taking out really old animals, letting them grow to they max. When they see they are getting to old and that they have low chances of passing through the winter, they take them out. Typically this is around 15 years of age.

We had an awesome day and Bob was able to close the deal on a gorgeous billy after a gorgeous stalk to 30 meters. Hard to ask for anything else!

I am glad I was there to share some time with such a legendary bowhunter chasing one of my favorite animals. Huge congrats to the whole Gredos National Park crew for such an amazing job they are doing every day.

Good luck in the mountains!

Pedro Ampuero

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