It is hard to describe how much I was needing to get out after roe bucks!!!. Jagd & Hund (Germany), British Shooting Show (UK), Die Hohe Jagd (Austria), IWA (Germany), Cinegetica (Spain), Salon de Chasse Rambouillet (France), International Bowhunting Seminar (Belgium)… It has been a couple of months with a lot of traveling around Europe, a much needed brake outdoors!

April is my favorite month to chase roe bucks. During this time of the year they define their territories, so bucks are very active marking their limits and chasing other bucks around. Here is one of the dominant bucks from one of the areas. It has been filmed with a Swarovski ATS 65 spotting scope at around 500 meters.


Nice to see dad connect with that buck later on the season and been there to share that moment with him.


We are focused on a big buck that I missed earlier on the season, every day we are a little closer of making it happen, but trying to get a spot and stalk roe deer with archery equipment on film is not easy… It is super fun though!!

With the baby about to born anytime, I wasn’t able to get out after roe bucks to our hunting areas, since they are pretty far drive. It was nice to get some fresh air close home accompanying with the camera a friend of mine and discover the hunting opportunities of my home state. Complicated terrain to hunt for such a little time. Drawn permits allow you, 48h. Seems like roe deer fawns are due anytime now too!

One of the best seasons I have ever had, even if results don’t look like it. Enjoying each single day chasing these guys with my bow in hand. The fun part is the process, not the result!

We found this little roe buck one of the mornings. Despite what a lot of people may think, he is not abandoned. His mother is close by, looking after him. During the first days of life, they do not have enough strength to follow their mothers, so they stay well hidden during the day until the mother comes by to feed them.

They have an amazing camouflage (we almost step on this one) and very little scent, and by their own they have more chances of not being detected by their natural predators. So please let all your friends know that if they pick them up, they will die.

If you get the lucky chance of finding one like us these days, please don’t touch them and leave them alone, so no scent is left in the area that could attract the curiosity of a fox. Encounters like these worth all the early wake ups!

Everyone has their different opinion on what is a trophy, I would take old special bucks any day over young good looking medals.
I couldn’t be happier for having got the chance of taking this buck, for sure on of the most unique animals I have ever shot with my bow. Super old male already in regression with really heavy bases and no points anymore. I couldn’t believe the size of his balls! Seems like it had an hernia.

Amazing stalk of almost an hour that ended up in a 30 meter shot. The buck was down in second surrounded in silence and peace, it never knew what happened. Now time to be grateful and share his meat with family and friends. Perfect animal to take, super happy!!

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