Bowhunting chamois must be one of my all-time favorites. Many people don’t feel attracted by this unique animal since they don’t have a very spectacular trophy. Far from that, when it becomes to their hunting, is one of the most fascinating things you can challenge.

My favorite part is the terrain they live on, it is one of the most beautiful enviroments you can hunt. I typically hunt them back at home in the Spanish Pyrenees but always loved to discover new mountain ranges, and the alps have been on my mind for a long time.

Alpine Chamois! I was able to sneak above this guy to make a perfect shot at 35 meters (shot it for 25 for the angle), it only ran 40 meters, never knew what happened. It couldn’t have been a more perfect outcome.

The mountains once again blessed us with a trophy of a lifetime with this 13 years old buck, couldn’t have asked for a better animal to take, since they don’t get much older than that. Animals are only responsible of getting older, thats why for me the most important thing on a trophy is the age.

It is nice when you get to hunt with a great guide and even a better person, it was a pleasure sharing this hunt with you Thomas I just hope it is not our last hunt together! Merci!!!

In France by law you have to take the whole animal down, which means around 40 kilos or more on your back. A carbon frame backpack makes the whole difference!

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