Last month I traveled to Austria to visit the Swarovski Optik factory. It was amazing to see the fabrication process, and you can really understand why they are top in the industry of hunting optics. Impressive facilities and look into every detail.

We had some time to discover the hunting also in that part of the Alps. Wonderful terrain and really interesting day in the mountains. The best part is always sharing time with other mountain hunters and learning how they hunt, how the areas are managed, etc..

We even got lucky and were able to see an alpine ibex, a view no that common in that area. First time I got to see one, such a majestic ibex!!

We worked hard during the day in tough terrain conditions with a lot snow in some areas, until we finally found the right animal. We saw lot of game but we were after a really old female with no kid. The stalk was quick and we got to 200 meters of the nanny without being noticed.

Alpi grabbed the tip of a pine tree on its way up. Divided it into two parts and put one in the chamois mouth, its last bite. With the second part, he touched the animal shot and offered it to me on his hat. Waidmannsheil. Waidmannsdank I replied.

The Austrian Alps blessed us with an 18-year-old nanny. They dont get much older than that specially in areas where the winters are so tough. Perfect animal out of its breeding period and that probably wouldn’t have survived another winter. Amazing how they do such a great management in these mountains, always taking what needs to be taken. Perfect judging from Alpi.

An animal that has live wild and free until her last winter, taken the quickest way a wild animal could die, a resource of organic meat taken care and memories that will last forever. Hunting is conservation. Hunting is our nature. Hunting is awesome!

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