Another year comes to an end… so it is time to look back to one of the most amazing years ever!

I started the year over a campfire in the northern part of Cameroon with my dad. We hunted hard for a couple of weeks, especially focused on the Giant Lord Derby Eland. After chasing the tracks of a group for four days we were able to sneak to 50 meters of the group, placing a perfect heart shot which dropped the largest antelope on earth in seconds. The other animals on the herd never knew what happened. Such a good time sharing time with my tracker which had bow hunted all his life.

Show season started and we spent a couple of months on the road all around Europe, meeting with old good friends and making new ones. Dortmund, London, Slazburg, Nuremberg, Madrid, Paris, even to a Bowhuntingseminar in Belgium.

After so much traveling it was awesome to get back home just in time for the roebuck season start in April. Unreal season with a lot of encounters shared with family and friends. Focused on an old buck that I spotted earlier on the season and was able to take him at the end of the spring season. So nice to hunt specific bucks, and so special when you do it spot and stalk with archery equipment.

I took a break between roebuck season to hunt in Picos de Europa for Cantabrian chamois, which is the smallest chamois subspecies in the world.  Second try for this chamois, and everything lined up after a really tough day of mountain hunting. One of the most beautiful mountain ranges I have hunted before.

August arrived and we flew back to the Caucasus Mountains in search of tur and chamois, but this time to the Russian side. I was committed to finding an old Kuban tur and after 5 days we finally found it after covering a ton of country and lot of hiking. A super rewarding moment that I will never forget.

Summer is also time to be spent chasing quails with the dogs, hunting boars in the crops or at the sea spearfishing.

September arrived and my dad and I went to the Yukon for a river moose hunt. Sleeping in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and chasing such an incredible animal was amazing, especially when everything happened like in the movies, and a gorgeous bull came into the call at just 15 meters. Most incredible bowhunt I have been, and got to see dad shoot his moose too!

Fall was great stalking stags and boars at home and chasing partridges with Ram. Also made a quick trip to Germany, and discover a wonderful country for hunting and its traditions.

November is chamois time. It is the peak of the rut and we focus our effort chasing the king of the European mountains. Our playground is the Spanish Pyrenees, and despite some terrible weather, the mountains gave us a nice chamois with the bow. Quality family time.

Travelled to Austria to visit the Swarovski factory and found some time to get out and hunt the alps. Gorgeous place and awesome management lead to an 18-year-old nanny. I cant think of a better animal to take out of the mountains, an old female without a kid that wouldn’t have probably survived another winter.

We had to say goodbye to Faco and Ronal, two of our dogs that passed away after half of my adult life with them. Great team for small and big game hunting that will be missed. Faco was my first dog.

We said goodbye to the year with a last trip mountain hunt in Turkey. We worked hard for 8 days without having an opportunity with a bezoar, but that’s bowhunting especially in that type of terrain. It was a great experience and we look forward to get back for a second try in 2018.

All these trips were amazing, but the very best of 2017 and of my life was the arrival of Bruno, my first son. I would never get tired of saying how much I love my family!! They are the BEST!!! Being a dad is unreal, and I am really looking forward to the future the three of us together.

I would sing to have years half as good as this one the rest of my life. Feeling thankful for so many good moments and memories, and for having such an amazing wife that supports me living such an unorganized life. Wish everyone an amazing 2018!

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