After several European shows seeing the number of offers around the world, it has made me think that we are really lucky to live in what I believe is one of the best countries to bow hunt in the world.

A country full of variety, both in the terrain and in the species to hunt, from chasing chamois up in the mountains to stalking roaring stags in thick pine forests. Great easy bowhunting regulations and a lot of hunting traditions, full of different hunting methods and styles. Our people are amazing and with an all year round season over high pressured animals, we have some of the best hunters I have ever met.

I have been lucky to discover many of those places, animals, and people, but still feel that I have many pending.

After bowhunting the last 16 years, I am proud to have hunted most of our game (except wolf), all free range, spot stalk and with archery equipment. This has never been a goal, but a consequence of the desire to know the country, game, and people, that I live in.

We have four subspecies of Spanish Ibex: Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda.

Two species of chamois: the Pyrenean, and the Cantabrian.

We also have Iberian mouflon, Barbary sheep, and Balearean Boc.

Three type of deer including the Roe Deer, Fallow Deer and Red Deer.

Finally we also have wildboar, fox and wolf.

Thanks, everyone that I crossed along the way, so many amazing people that have taught me all that I know today. I am not an outfitter, but can’t hold myself in promoting the Bowhunting Paradise we live in!!! Please come and visit!!

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