Mountain stags are special.

There is something very special when you hunt mountain stags. Those sunrises over the clouds, hearing a stag on the highest ridges, and interacting with it to get in to range.

Hunting them with family and friends makes it more special. The bulls might not be the biggest ones in Spain, but they mean more than anywhere else.

When I spotted this bull in the top of the mountain 600 meters away I knew it was the bull I was looking for. Not many points or a huge trophy, but a thick solid neck.

We didn’t hesitate and started climbing up as fast as we could, while combining with some calls to try to slow the bull down of going over the ridge in search of females.  The mountains give us a present, and we took it right before it was about to disappear. I couldn’t be happier.

Real friends are those who come help you pack out a stag from the mountains, thanks Edu, Fer and Manolo for that!!

Edu got lucky too and I was able to return him the favor and went to pack his stag out too. Solid day in the books that we will remember for ever.

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