2020 has been a complicated year, but we have been extremely lucky to have great health and to live on a country with a wide variety of species and terrain, that allowed us to have a lot of fun close to our home.

Despite all our adventures got canceled after visiting Pakistan in March, we were able to have an amazing season hunting around Spain.

As soon as confinement measures were loosen we started hunting in Vizcaya our home state after roe deer. Then we travelled to other outer states for the roe deer rut.

September was really special with the Stag Culture Project were we spent 22 days hunting around Spain chasing red deer. Full series will be coming up later this month so stay tuned!

We have finished the season chasing ibex with our bows in Teruel and doing some chamois hunting in the Pyrenees.

This year we have learned how important is to share the hunting with family and friends, and to put into value the hunting opportunities we have in Spain.

Thanks everyone that made this type of things posible, and best of luck everyone in 2021!!

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